Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The new neighbours on October 23...

The young couple next door sold their house and are going to build their own home nearby. They were a lovely quiet pair, our only complaint about them was they used to dog-sit her mothers dog while she was away and it would bark and bark and bark and bark every minute they were out. Hour after hour we would listen to that barking. We were thankful when the mother would return and take her  dog back to her house. Other than that they were the perfect neighbours. His uncle sometimes landed his helicopter at the end of the street in a paddock and created some excitement in the cul de sac. He was whisked off to his wedding in that helicopter.

But they moved out and moved on.

The new neighbours were very busy in the house on Saturday morning and we were curious to suss them out. But they didn't exactly move in. The mowed and weeded and used a power drill on something. Sunday saw more activity but no furniture appeared. Today the carpet was steam cleaned. Makes me think they are fixing it up for renters. I am hoping for an older couple, someone quiet. We have been in this house 20 years now and previous renters have been feral and at one stage a  young family had a very vocal, whingey toddler.

Fingers crossed for owners not renters.

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