Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16...

I went back to work and had a good day. Not too busy giving me time to catch up on a few things.

Erin has been on my mind as the weather turned from nice this morning to hail this afternoon. It won't hurt her to be out of her comfort zone for a few days roughing it in the wild. She might appreciate her home comforts when she gets back.

I got her NAPLAN results in the mail and she performed in the mid range for all but the reading category. For that one she is above average which is ironic because she doesn't like to read.

Callum spoke to the mechanic who had encouraged him to do his pre-ap hoping to get a position. We had taken his encouragement as a good sign that he was prepared to take Cal on but unfortunately for Cal he has appointed someone else. So he is back to applying for apprenticeships. And Chris doesn't want to patronise that mechanic anymore.

Our other apprentice is also having trouble with her supervisor. He is not being a good supervisor and is trying to blame her for poor work. I have to step back and let her sort it out for herself. I give advice and hope she can resolve this issue. What I have learned from preceptoring students is that blaming them for mistakes while they learn on the job is not a helpful way.

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