Friday, October 31, 2008 Australia????

I had a very satisfying day today. I went to Lara today to do some scrapping with my big sis, it is lovely to be waited on with coffees & lunch while I use her Cuttlebug/dies/beautiful papers. You're the best Louise!
I made several cards & have a couple to finish off at home.

My sweet Erin desperately wants to go 'trick or treating' tonight even though I have told her that it not something that Australians do. She really just wants 'candy', she wouldn't get any if she went door knocking around here so we've made up some goody bags to share with friends Tayla & Bradley, that should keep her satisfied.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was hopeful this morning because when I woke up it appeared to be raining.... an unusual occurrence here in Bacchus Marsh. It even got dark & thundery about 11am, but as usual this is the view of my rain gauge tonight.


It's a pathetic sight really, the dust inside is a sad reflection of the state of affairs, it does provide a 'high tide mark' when we get proper rain. Fingers crossed.

My nursing week is done, its been a long 3 days. I'm looking forward to spending a day creating with my big sis tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's for dinner......?

I dread that question, I struggle to think of something new & tasty everynight. Often I go to the supermarket at about 5pm after work and stare aimlessly at the meat section. A quick 'pop down to the shops' takes me ages as I invariably bump into someone I know. I'm sure the checkout girls & guys think 'not her again!'. I usually mix up between the 3 local supermarkets so I am not such an obvious loser! I've been known to go to the supermarket twice in the same day, maybe I could get more done if I spent less time at the shops. It might be easier (but boring) if we ate the same 7 things each week.

Erin wanted me to add this link to this challenging little game, she had mastered it, see how you go! Frogleap

Monday, October 27, 2008

58 days til Christmas!

I love Christmas, I don't usually start counting down until the first of December and I get cranky when I see decorations & trimmings in the shops in September ( when I see easter eggs & hot cross buns in January I get even crankier). But this year I have started making Christmas cards in October - a first for me.

I am very inconsistent with card sending, as my friends will attest, sometimes I will send lots, some none, mostly its bought cards sent very late. So this year I will try to part with some beautiful handmade ones ( I want to keep them, and maybe I won't send them all, for me its about creating)

I was able to make a few today and used some of the new paper & stamps I got at Paperific.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the weekend go????

I had to wait for 'Dancing with the stars' to finish so I could add this entry. I haven't really watched previous series but I am hooked on this one. I didn't want any of the men to go so I was really happy when they all get a second chance. Go Paul!!

The weekend has disappeared again, I had wanted to get lots done but after the washing, ironing, some weeding, grocery shopping, my craft stuff never got opened. I feel I have to do what I have to do before I can 'do' just for me. There is quote that goes something like 'life is what happens when you are busy making plans...." Maybe tomorrow I can make these christmas cards that are floating around in my head into reality.

I am still struggling with getting my blog to do what I want it to (like getting the images at the end of the post and not at the start!!!) so that is why my latest layout of a school holiday daytrip to Queenscliff is up there and not down here. It is not as clear as I want but maybe if I fiddle with the camera/lighting it will improve.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Be there or be square

Saturday morning cruising...

We went for a ride to Gisborne this morning for the Saturday morning 'Tyre Kick' with other members of the Ulysses Club . As new members we are still getting to know people and we get to see bikes of all different makes and models, got to see a FJR1300 which would be in our garage if Chris had his way (as well as several other motorbikes and a classic car! Dream on buddy) I enjoy riding with Chris, I always feel safe with him and trust him completely, he doesn't take risks and this bike is very comfortable and 'cruisy' even though I can't see as well as on the Daytona.

First card posted

This is the first card of what I hope is many I will post to share. I made this for my sister-in-law's upcoming 5oth. Happy Birthday Colette!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday Cal! Why don't you like having your picture taken???? Compare this expression to the one in the drawing below - Erin is a true artiste!
Erin is so cute, she has this poster on her wall and she has circled all of the countries she wants to travel to when she is older. If you look carefully she has circled Mexico, Egypt, Japan, England and the whole of Aus. Dream big little girl I hope you get to all these places and more!!!
This drawing of our family was done by Erin when she was 10 . I love all the detail she has put in it, the expression on Callum's face is just perfect, it is so him! She has put Hayley in the middle (speaks volumes for how she sees us all), the guinea pig 'Albert' is on her head, I had red hair at the time, Chris always has a little stubble and she has included our little dog Pippa as well. This is priceless and I want keep to this snapshot of family forever

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woohoo I'm on the web!!! just started my own blog, so I'm on the way. Please be patient with me while i learn how to edit, post and decorate my blog!