Sunday, October 21, 2012

21 on the 21st...

Not many pictures lately but this post will change that...

Happy birthday to our one and only son. Callum turns 21 today.

From this adorable baby

To this young adult who doesn't smile anymore
Granted he is a little hungover today but this is pretty normal.
He was so cute

 At times a challenge for us as parents.

 Boys are different to girls and each child is different to its siblings

He definitely is from the Mitchell gene pool

 His father is not big on smiling in photos either

He has morphed into a non-smiley quiet young man, who rides a motorcycle and wants to be a mechanic. He is recovering from a broken heart and other disappointments in life in his own quiet way.

He takes photos that look the same year after year

He has sisters who love him and friends who have supported him.
I hope you had a happy birthday son and I hope you have something to smile about real soon.

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