Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another run...

We have a run booked in for Sunday so before we do that one I want to tell you about one we did 2 weeks ago.

Running Buddy and I travelled down to Queenscliff to run on the Bellarine Rail Trail. We took the steam train to the start line at Drysdale and ran 17kms back to Queenscliff. The trail was really nice, a little undulating but with a big hill to finish. It nearly did finish me off but has really reignited our running mojo as we aim for another half marathon.

 About 350 runners took part in the day which was run by a small group of volunteers and supported by The Running Company of Geelong.

the train ride was the fun part
looking stronger than we feel
We are getting good at getting ourselves 'sorted' in the mornings with our breakfast/fluids/toilet situation and have that part down pat. We had to supply our own drinks which were left for us at the 12 km mark. Things had been going really well up to that point but the stopping for a drink mucked up our rhythm a bit. We have to practice that part of a long run a bit more. By the end I felt quite spent and gulped down water and a coffee afterwards. Which in turn meant I had to have a pit stop on the way home to chuck up on the grass at Lara.

 I have some lessons to learn yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


As well as running I have been playing a lot of tennis.

Mixed double tennis on Thursday nights

Cardio tennis on Friday mornings

Saturday afternoon comp at clubs in the surrounding districts.

Not winning all these comps but having a great time doing it. The more tennis I play the better my game gets and the less my family recognize me and the less time I have to do housework, scrapping or blogging.

But that's the way I like it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Running update...

As part of our running training we have been pushing ourselves with sprints and hill training and trying to find new routes to keep things interesting. Our encouraging of our new running friend saw us all enter the Run Melbourne 10k.

Mel has really embraced running and has come along much quicker than we ever did in the beginning. In February I put out an email at work to those who had expressed an interest in running with us. Mel has been very consistent with joining us and has not complained when we would push her a little further each time. We had encouraged her to pick a race or event to work towards and she chose Run Melbourne 10k.

 The morning was perfect, sunny and cool. We had a lovely run and at one point I could see Mel ahead and I thought to myself I can't let her beat me! so we crossed the finish line together in 1:01:30 a very fast time for me. I'm yet to crack the 60 minute for 10km, but was very pleased with that effort.

More runs to come...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Been a long time...

I've been slack. Too busy to keep this electronic diary so I'll try to get up to date.

Last I wrote I was preparing for Erin's birthday party. I was quite wound up about it and in the end it was all for nought. The party was a success. It wasn't the big deal I built it up to be. That could have been because we were well prepared and I laid down the rules and the young folk followed them.

Being on a corner block I was concerned about gate crashers having easy access to the back yard where the party was being held. I registered the party with the local police and Erin had only put out the invitations to her friends. We had made it clear there was to be no alcohol and there was no problems with that. The 10 friends she really wanted to come came and they sounded like they had fun. There was much laughter and the set up with the tarpaulins sheltering the outdoor area and the gas outdoor heater made for a cosy environment. I supplied food and drinks and bought out her ombre cake and she got embarrassed when they sang Happy Birthday to her. I was able to stay inside watching TV and finally relaxed when the music went off at 12. The parents came promptly and took their offspring home and the neighbours wandered home shortly after.

Since the party Erin's friendship with her Deb partner Liam has really blossomed but that's another post yet to come