Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poor old neglected blog...

too busy doing life stuff to write on the blog about it.

I have been running. Running a lot more and really enjoying it. We ran at the Zoo on a hot evening back on Feb 5th and I struggled with the hilly course but today we ran along the Barwon River in Geelong in much nicer conditions and I loved it. Not as hilly as the Zoo but longer by 2km. The difference between running in the morning and evening is astounding. I used to think I ran better in the afternoon than in the morning but  that changes from run to run. The running group on Saturday mornings always includes hill work and I can see the benefit now. Every time I run up a hill (there is some quite steep ones around here) I curse them as I struggle to breathe. We will need to keep at the hills if we are to do the Run 4 the Kids again this year. That bridge is not the only challenge in that race.
Thursday night tennis has started up again and cardio tennis on Fridays. We even squeezed in a fundraiser tournament on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I'm enjoying the tennis but my game isn't reflected in that enjoyment.
Pilates is back on again also on a Wednesday night too, the family look at me in my workout gear and say 'where are you off to now?' Tuesdays are the only rest/non exercising days.

The other event that is occupying our thoughts is Erin's debutante ball which is only 4 weeks away now. Shoes, gloves, hair, makeup, jewellery are sorted, the dress is under way and on track. Tickets, suits and other outfits are organised. The only thing we can't tick off is the limo as we are waiting for everyone else to get their act together. At this rate Erin might be going in her Dad's limo!

We went to a 40th the other night and had a lovely time

pic from facebook, thanks Mel

I was surprised and delighted to see my lovely friend Sheryl had flown down from Cairns to join in the celebrations. We tried to convince her and her husband to come back 'home' to us but they won't be in it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

10 things

I'm re posting this link from a website called the The Mind Unleashed. It is '10 things that will make you happier, backed by science':

I particularly like the first point about how just 7 minutes of exercise can make you happier. And I think Big Sister will find point 3 applies to her husband, about how living closer to work with less of a commute makes you happier. A balance for them both would be ideal. Hayley needs to read point 7 about how anticipating a trip is worth more than the trip itself. I wonder if this applies to toddlers.
In fact I liked all of them and apart from giving 100 hours to others and meditation I practice them also.

Have a read and see what you think. I'm off to practice smiling while I'm outdoors, exercising, sleeping & planning a trip.