Sunday, November 15, 2015

Run, run,run...

The weekend had some running in it of course, not the City 2 Sea or Run from hills formal kind of running but very satisfying running.

Early on Saturday morning was Parkrun and the encouragement of pacers

My plan  was to stay ahead of this tall girl with the 30 min bib

I was able to stay ahead of Carly and run a PB. I wanted to have a number with a 29 in front of it and Carly's voice was behind me saying 'don't let me catch you Jo-Anne' and I managed to stay ahead and laughed out loud when I saw the times...28:59!! Just have to keep that up now.

I wanted to keep up with this guy but had no hope

Parkrun is such a good event. It is run by a great bunch of volunteers. It's timed. It's free. There is loads of encouragement for all, whether young or old, new runner or not, running with a dog or pushing a pram or even if you can't run a step but want to work towards that goal. And being a global organisation means you can run in other states or even overseas.

As you can tell, I am a big fan.

By attending Parkrun and talking to other runners I was able to join a local running group. This group organises informal runs and meets up at various places by putting out a call on facebook. I answered such a call and ran with a small group in the Gorge this morning.

This run was billed as an 'easy 5k trail run'. Trail running is not my first choice but thought I would give it another try as it was good chance to try with a welcoming group.
We set out at 9 on a perfect morning, I've walked this track many times but running it required a lot of concentration. The pace was good and though I felt as though I was holding the group back they never let on, even stopping at times to look at a wombat or goat. Luckily no snakes this morning.

great spotting Tom
I was too busy looking at my feet to admire any scenery

cooling off post run
Trail running is a bit like hill running for me...I have to convince myself I like it. I know it is good for me and I just have to embrace it. Although the run was hard I enjoyed the challenge and getting to run with these nice people.