Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting in a chocolate mood...

I had a wonderful sleep in today. I usually have Fridays off but to be able to sleep in on this  public holiday was just what I needed.

It has been very quiet around here so I ironed, washed, cleaned and baked.

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Easter using these new (for us) caramel flavoured chocolate chips.

I thought they would be more of a caramel colour

They are a bit different but still very yummy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Big Run...

Yesterday finally the day of the big run came.

The day we had been training for, working towards, planning and been consumed by.

It was a perfect morning for a race but with 35,000 competitors it was very busy. It was a bit hard to fully appreciate the views as we negotiated our way through the course. The sea of bobbing bodies in front of us was quite mesmorising.

Our Garmin watches couldn't quite cope with the tunnel under the river so I'm not sure of the accuracy of its timing. Mine said I only did 14.59k in 1:43:34. I will check it against the timing tag when those results are published.

I only feel a little sore in the hip flexors today and a swim this morning was a great way to iron out the kinks. I was pretty wiped out last night and fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Running Buddy went back into the city to watch her Iron Man brother finish his Iron Man competition in St Kilda. His race took just 12 hours to complete, he deserves a sleep in today!

Now what will be the next goal???

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last minute training...

The weather has turned making training runs a bit easier and while we wished for cooler weather with it came the rain.

Running buddy has never run in the rain. I have but prefer not to. It is much cooler when it is raining but when your feet are wet and the rain is in your eyes it's not much fun. The Run 4 Kids is next Sunday and we had to get in one last long run in preparation. Yesterday the clouds loomed and she had doubts, I asked her what will she do if it is raining on race day. So we went on a half planned 13 km run which turned into 14.7k by the time we got home.

Dumping rain fell just as we assembled and studied the clouds. We went anyway and got wet along the way but we survived, we ran a long way and now Running Buddy has a wet one under her belt. She didn't give in and now knows we can do it in any conditions.

I am a bit sore in the hips today and am hoping for a massage. My yoga instructor uses foam rollers to work out those sore spots, I might have to improvise with a rolling pin or something. After the crappy run last week I went out and bought new shoes. The old ones had no tread left on the ball part and definitely needed replacing, two years of pounding the pavement was good value in the end. My new New Balance feel wonderful and will see me over the finish line well.

Happy St Patricks Day everyone, not that we celebrate it particularly, but we will be tinking of Duncan and his Irish band fiddling tunes and jigs in 4 gigs in Brisvagas and the Gold Coast this weekend.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot day with New York style...

Today did not start out well.

Our running group had decided to do our run at 9am before it got too hot. As our record breaking stretch of hot weather and hot nights continues, it wasn't that cool even in the morning. We had planned to do 12km in preparation for the Kids run which is just 2 weeks away, but after about 4km I hit a wall. Figuratively not literally. I was overheated, super sweaty, thirsty and a bit nauseated. The others kept plugging away at the hill but I caved in to the internal voices telling me  I couldn't go on.

I tried, after a walk break, to keep running but the remaining 5 km were not pretty. Each running step reinforced how miserable I felt. I came home feeling pretty despondant about todays effort.

The afternoon was much more pleasant as Hayley & I ventured over to Chadstone Shopping Centre to see the New York Style Exhibition. Some of the dresses from Sex & the City are on display and Hayley knowing how much I loved the fashion from the show suggested we go and have a look. We enjoyed the display and each picked a different favourite.

A troop around the shops and a nice lunch topped off a really nice outing.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

An idiot...

Chris has been chuckling at this series on DVD which we got him for his birthday

I just have to find the 3rd series for him to keep him laffing...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February is gone...

and March is marching on with a monotonous sameness that in some ways is reassurring and repetitive.

Hot weather is interspersed with rain, washing out our opportunity to play tennis and giving us another chance to talk it over.

Work goes ahead daily with the same treatments on different faces.

Even an event like the Zoo run or Chris's birthday barely break the routine.

I need something to really spark things up around here...

but I am quite content without any drama thank you very much.

It's a good life albeit a quiet one.