Sunday, September 27, 2015

My running plan...

My plan to get back on track is working. The first step was to have a plan and then to begin.

Yesterday was Parkrun and a sub 30 time

A nice sunny morning to get you in the mood and no swooping!

Today was the first of the Spring into Shape series in Melbourne, 10km along the Yarra River. Running Buddy and I ran 1:03. Pretty happy with that. A really great morning  and we got some samples of magnesium powder and a new singlet. Can't complain about that.

Without any prior consultation RB and I turned up in the same singlet AGAIN!

I am planning to do Run Ballarat and the next 2 in the Spring series and volunteer at the Marathon. it certainly helps that the sun is shining again, my mood has lifted with the rising of the temperature.

I think that will have me on back on the straight and narrow again

Friday, September 25, 2015

Post run blues...

I think I have this thing.

I have felt a bit flat and took myself off to have thyroid, iron and hormones tested, turns out the results are all normal. I've been trying to train but the cold weather is all the excuse I need not to get out and run. Then I came across this article... post run blues.

It identifies how I've been feeling since the high of our trip to Sydney for the City 2 Surf. I've read all the tips and now I need to set another goal to work towards. I have also put my name down to volunteer at the Melbourne Marathon, if I can't run in it I can still be involved as they suggest.

Helping out at Parkrun has been good and I'm heading off to try to get a PB in the morning