Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19...

We had a very warm day today which started with an unexpected thunder storm this morning. I was enjoying a sleep in and had just heard Cal leave on his motorbike when the skies rumbled. Apparently we had a lot of lightning too but I didn't see any of that.

Because of the sunny, warm day I sweated a bit more than usual at cardio tennis. I am still settling in to my new shoes and am not conviced that they are the perfect pair. Last nights hit of tennis has meant the blister hasn't had time to heal just yet. I wear a heart rate monitor during these session and it tells you calories burned. Even working hard with a sustained high heart rate I only burned 232. When I wore it doing the 10k I burned 320. These numbers are lower than the other girls in the group but the coach thinks I have less to burn.

I attempted a bit of card making with my sister before coming home to find a grumpy, tired camper. From extracted reports it was a bit of an arduous expedition with some highlights of abseiling and ...she'll get back to me, too tired to think about it. The negatives included bad food, early mornings, sandy tents, climbing, hiking and no sleep.

Big Sister tells me only 6 weeks til the end of term, 6 weeks before her camper is home for good.

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