Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4...

A very cleansing day today.

The weather was very warm so I dug out my summer clothes and went through them firstly to find something to wear and secondly to change over the wardrobe. I can't fit all the seasons into my small wardrobe so have to rotate the clothing. It was good to remind myself of the nice items I have and to try on some that I thought I wouldn't wear again. My fitness and weight loss has given me back more things to wear. I have trouble parting with things and this is a good time to cull.

So I  packed up the winter items..I have left a good range as the weather will no doubt change again. Melbourne is renowned to have 4 seasons in one day. We know how to dress accordingly. Today was 31 degrees and on Saturday is will be just 15 with rain.

I also cleaned the house and made some inroads into clearing out the detritus left in Hayleys room. Its a bit hard for me to discern what is rubbish and what is just...rubbish. It all looks like rubbish to me.

The colour run ad is on the TV now and it is making me excited for the event. Countdown is on.


  1. Every time you talk about summer I get depressed. It SNOWED in my country yesterday. SNOW.

    I mean, the colours are pretty, but still.

    1. I hope to visit your snowy country one day and see the colours for myself, not sure how I would cope living in a snowy place, I would definitely need more clothes!