Sunday, June 26, 2016

Counting down...

Just 2 days left before we fly out to warmer climes.

2 runs down this weekend and just 3 short runs before the big one.

4 things to print out: flights, rental car, accommodation, bib collection.

2 cases to pack, and decisions to make about outfits.

Saturday saw us shopping before our run to pick up a new singlet which will be our new unofficial team shirt.

and keeping with the rule of 'nothing new on race day' we tried them out on Sunday. Even though I wanted to wear long sleeves on this freezing morning we tested out the shirt and agreed the lightweight top will be perfect for the Gold Coast. A cruisy 10k was the perfect way to end up our training together. We won't run as a trio again until next Sunday morning and we chatted about how excited we are and how the finish line will be an emotional one.

I think you can follow along our progress with these links audience guide.

Voting has been done and we got to see Erin at work at the pre poll. She has made us very proud with her application to this position, and she is pleased with herself also. The election has been good for our household in unexpected ways.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Friday check in...

another week of leave is almost done and a lovely week it has been. The weather has turned very wintry and has made me look forward to our Queensland trip even more. I managed to sort some more things around here, cook some meals and cakes, get new tyres for my car, and try to settle into this tapering period.

We ran 15 kms on Sunday and it felt a little strange not to do more and then another run on Tuesday which stretched out our legs. I really enjoyed this run as we paused on top of the hill to investigate the new bridge across the river and then took a cross country detour to get back. We haven't done this running for pleasure running for a while and it was nice not to have time/pace constraints.

The planning and talking and checking of weather forecasts has continued at a furious rate. I am excitedly anticipating this trip and have forced myself not to pack too early. Chris has started his leave as of tonight so we will be able to prepare together the last details.

I want to get in a couple of short runs over the next few days if the icy weather allows.

5 sleeps to go!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday check in...

except I'm posting this on Saturday this week...

My first week of leave has been lovely. There is something very comforting in the satisfaction of cleaning and sorting things that have been put off for so long. Not very exciting but good.

My cough has improved after Tuesday's disastrous run which was abandoned after just 4.5km. I haven't been that short of breath for ages. I tried to make RB feel bad that she had made me run up our big hill but I don't think it worked. I have had a rest from running to feel better and now look forward to getting back into it. A chilly run at Parkrun felt really good this morning and of course the running chatter has given more tips and ideas.

I've been doing a lot of reading about marathons, checking on our course and other details. A fellow runner put me onto this guy, James Dunne  who helped him with his marathon prep.

Might be a bit late in the training to start now.

I've also read a lot about training the brain and what I have to tell myself repeatedly. Apparently fatigue is just an emotion and you can talk yourself out of it. And I have to speak to myself like I would a friend. "You've got this, you've done the work, you can keep going"

And I was able to get the ultrasound done but the plan of seeing the GP for the results before we go away hasn't worked, no appointments available til after the race, hopefully no issues will spoil my race.

My survey completing has paid off with a free entry to Run Melbourne this year. I hadn't planned on running in it this year as it is only 3 weeks after the marathon and I've done the 10k twice before, but who can say no to free pass? It is a nice race to participate in, another big event and well run so off I'll go to do another half marathon. Maybe that will be the new distance. When the girls saw that I had taken up the offer they also signed up to do it. It will be nice to do another one together.

This caught my eye today

very apt, the donut that gives you wings

Monday, June 13, 2016

The last long run...

it seems you can run 30km with a waning head cold and persisting cough but afterwards you feel pretty bad,

The first 20 were OK and we trotted along and chatted and waved to fellow runners. But then the hurt started to set in and I struggled. I know I can do 25 I kept telling myself, I had done it before and it's just 5 more. Think of the accomplishment I said to myself but then the thoughts of a little bit of walking is OK too snuck in. In the end I finished 30k but didn't run all the way. I'm disappointed I couldn't master my brain and it proves to me I need to practice that part more. A timely post from Tasmanian Annie shows me it is a common phenomenon and I was impressed by her plan to overcome it.

My family are over my persistent cough as much as I am. I'm not sleeping well either. I'm torn between wanting to be well prepared for the marathon and giving myself time to be well. Thankfully my leave means I hopefully can do both.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cough, cough, cough...

I've caught a cold.

I hope its not so close to the marathon that it will hamper our last preparations. Hopefully I can get over this and feel well and strong for our race. I am meant to run our last long run tomorrow, a 30k and then begin 3 weeks of tapering. My sore throat is gone but I am left with a lingering cough. A cough that annoys Chris as he tries to sleep. And annoys everyone else including me.
Tomorrow will be OK. I'll just go slow.

I hate being sick. Hate having my plans hampered. Hate the thought I might be passing it on to others. It was bad timing at work as an already stretched roster meant I couldn't follow the golden advice and 'stay at home if you are sick'.

Not that I prescribe to this theory at all but coincidentally I volunteered at parkrun in the rain and helped Hayley move house in the rain and played tennis in the thickest fog and then got sick.

Pini brothers at work...good job boys
this funny little structure is a novelty 

soggy parkrun but still 38 turned up to run
Hayley is settled in her new digs in Moonee Ponds  and I was impressed to find not only the concrete structure that possibly was some sort of cellar or drying room but also a Feijoa tree and an enormous avocado tree full of fruit. I'd already come home with a big bag of lemons and chillis from the old house.

Finally my booked leave time has arrived and now for the next 6 weeks I can concentrate on the things I want to do.