Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29...

I headed up to Ballarat to see a breast specialist to find out about my cyst-ey breasts. After waiting for a long time I asked at the reception desk if I had been forgotten. Well yes I had! Seems being a patient patient doesn't pay off. After I finally got in to see the specialist she couldn't find my paperwork. Oh look its in the wrong week. I was beginning to lose faith. Then my examination didn't match up with the mammograms I had supplied. She jabbed me with a big needle without much luck, told me to take Evening Primrose Oil and I'll see you in 3 months.

All in all a pretty unsatisfying appointment. Costly and unsatisfying. And no 'thanks for waiting' or 'sorry about the delay'.

I salved my soul with a visit to the Scrapbook shop and then got some nice bits for the developing study/craft room at Big W.

Duncan and Donna came up for dinner and we put them on the train back to the city. More good times but I had to miss tennis to do so. It has been a wonderful catch up and we wish we were closer so not so much time would pass between visits. We always make plans but time gets away from us with life stuff.

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