Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10...

 I figured out today that it is OK to wear paint flecked tracksuit pants and daggy T to the paint shop. There were other people at the paint shop with the same attire so it must be alright.

Erin finally chose a top coat colour and it Not the minty green she was talking about but a vibrant blue called Cove Blue. I'm not enamoured but at this point I just want it done. The undercoating is done and I've cut in the room for tomorrow's effort. Thanks to Ivan from 'Paint Right' for the advice and patience and for overlooking the outfit.

I also managed a training run to work out the soreness from yesterday's workout.

Last night we had the Relay dinner and got together for a few laughs and to nut out next year's team and fundraising. Looks like a car rally and a progressive dinner are in order. We raised enough for naming a research award, thats the second one for our team and we will want to make it 3 for 3 next year.

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