Sunday, February 4, 2018

Running update...

My year's goal of running 20km per week has so far stayed on track. Despite horrendously hot weather (some days of 42 degrees C) I have managed to either do several shorter runs or one Sunday got it all in one day.
These runs have mostly been on the trails with the group and I have been shown several that I hadn't done before, some on the weekend and a couple on the Thursday night group runs while tennis has been on hiatus.
at Blackwood I got 22k in one run

refreshments after makes it worthwhile

surprising what you find in the bush

Running with this assortment of people is always fun and challenging. I'm trying to keep up and not get bitten by pesky March flies.

Bellarine Sunset Run
Starting at  4:40pm at St Leonards wasn't really sunset but a beautiful afternoon run to Portarlington. Last year I watched the girls run while I was recuperating after my operation but this year I was running the 10.7k with them.
The weather was perfect and there was lots of support from the other MCR runners doing either the 10 or 21k event. They arranged a 'pirate ship' to race against, somewhat like racing against the Puffing Billy train.

#teamJAM back together

the ship made the journey in about 1:50 hours

thanks for the medal Georgie

It was a really nice run, flat, along the coast with loads of support along the way from our group, from the volunteers and the locals who sat in front of their caravans and offered cheers, drinks or a spray from the hose. Not that I ran it particularly fast but I really enjoyed it. I particularly loved getting high fives along the way from other runners and the support at the end was fantastic. No matter what time you run, you are cheered over like a superstar.

hard to get everyone together for a group shot, this is pretty close
It was a good start to our year of event running. Lots more to come...