Monday, October 1, 2012

October again...

In celebration of my birthday this month I will again post every day in October.

Erin and I attended the Royal Show today and despite my abhorrence of crowds I enjoyed myself. I had a free pass which saved us about $60. We watched dogs, horses and trucks perform but missed out on the wood chopping and cooking demos. We found the Grammar's art entries but couldn't find the cake entries amongst the hundreds of submissions. There is something sad about seeing loads of  cross sections of now stale cakes and the criteria for a winning cake seems to be fairly subjective. We wandered through the 'farm to plate' and fresh foods pavilions. We went on the roller coaster and bought just one $5 showbag. After forking out $20 to park the car I think I got out of there relatively spared.

This one is for all the crochet addicts out there.

Erin needed a lot of convincing to go on the roller coaster, she even wanted to get off once we were buckled in, and it wasn't the scariest ride on offer but tells me now it was her favourite part of the day. Another step towards conquering fears.

And good news...Chris has run his malware program and seems to have cleaned up my mess. I hope you weren't affected. See you tomorrow

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