Sunday, July 29, 2012

Four more done...

Here is the four I started at Friday nights' scrap session. Couldn't finish them while I was out but played around today while the Olympics played out in the background.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!!!!


31, for Erin to remember how much she wanted the baby but was so glad to give it back

32 for Erins' album

33, also for her album

34, for my album
Easy to knock up 3 pages when you have school photos to use.

My arm is sorer today and had to do some stretches to work it out. I'll try to go for a swim tomorrow which should also help. Watching the swimming trials makes me wonder if the pool will be a bit busier in the morning.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tennis & scrapping...

Friday was cold, showery and grey. I wasn't sure if my scheduled first try at cardio tennis would go ahead. I went down to the courts to find the coach and no one else. So I had a private session and quite a good workout. Taking advantage of the individual time I was able to get in a bit more tennis coaching after the cardio session. The rain held off for us and I worked up a sweat, I really enjoyed the workout and the reunion with a game I loved to play. Today I am feeling a little sore in my right arm, its been a long time since I had rallies like that. I will attend more of these sessions when I can. Fridays have always been MY day to do things for me, usually catching up with Big Sister, or shopping or lunching but I'll definitely fit in some more sessions.

So big thumbs up for that!

After dinner I went down to our new library and met some new ladies for a group scrap. I struggled during the day to pack up some supplies, I needed enough to achieve something but have a lot of things to choose from. I didn't want to take too much. It's much easier when I go to Big Sisters' as she has a lot I can borrow from but I still struggle at times to get to her place with out the kitchen sink in my pack.
Luckily Wendy has supplies left over from her now closed scrap book shop which we were able to delve into (at reduced prices). This will be a monthly occurrence and I will probably go again, I was able to produce 4 layout pages but was frustrated at not being able to finish completely without that 'vital' thing that will make them perfect. Half of us were scrap booking and the others making cards and amongst the conversations I picked up a couple of tips.
One thing that I thought was ironic was that Wendy had many large tubs of supplies left over from the shop but she brought with her a kit from Chandon to work from. It confirms that whatever you have you always want something different.

Maybe I'll get those pages finished while I watch the Olympics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby think it over...

For Erin's year 9 Health & Human Development subject she has to look after a simulator baby. It is a computerized doll, programmed to mirror the needs of a realbaby,designed to show teens what parenting is really like.

She will look after it for 2 days and then be scored on her treatment of it. It has a sensor chip that records whether it has been left to cry, if its neck is unsupported and when it has been fed and changed. She is taking it all very seriously and is being very attentive to her baby. The program is meant to make teens realise what is involved in having a baby hence the 'Baby think it over' title.

As our family has grown the things that keep us up at night have changed, it has been a long time since a crying baby has been the culprit

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another weekend gone...

And another week has passed by without a blog update.

Erin went back to school and we all worked. Even Callum got a shift with a local motor mechanic and came home with a blister on his thumb from...sweeping. Starting with sweeping is a good start.

A busy week at work meant that I dont feel like doing anything at night except vegging out. I had tried to be a bit more organised and stuck to a menu plan which I think helped to take the pressure off thinking about meals. Only one run and one session of pilates was my post race 'week off'.

I was pleased to finally catch up with Big Sister and finish some more layouts.

number 28

number 29

number 30
It was good while scrapping on Friday to be able to look back at these layouts for inspiration. On Friday next I am going to do a group scrap with some local ladies. I wonder if their influence will filter through onto the pages I am planning. Erin has finally brought home her school photos so I probably get stuck into those, its always a challenge to do the school photos in a new way.

And the weekend has whizzed by with the usual laundry, cleaning, shopping roundabout. Chris dusted the cobwebs off his golf clubs and played 9 holes with a mate. He would have been pleased if his score was actually for 18 holes but you cant expect professional standards when you play once a year.

I might be able to copy and paste this post next week as we dont have anything startling happening this week either!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Run in the sun...

Early this morning the sun was shining, but giving off little warmth, and there was no wind to speak of. The setting along side the river was serene and lovely. Our 5km course was mapped out as 2.5k out and back along the meandering waterway. There were plenty of others also using the track and enjoying the morning calm. Other joggers and walkers were amenable to the new group running in their space but cyclists are so entitled and rude.

My training had gone really well and I was able to run the whole distance with a time of 33:08! As I checked in my time I thought one marshall said to the other 'thats the third place veteran'.


I don't know if I was more perturbed as being in 'veteran' class before you turn 50 or that I had come in third ahead of all the other geezers.

I'll check the results on the website when they are published to confirm both facts.

I am pleased with my effort and my very quiet cheer squad

here I come bringing up the rear (or at the front of the 10k runners)
looking smoooooth in my Lorna Jane

did you just call me old?
 Pics taken by Chris with his phone, he needs to work on his photography skillz.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

You can tell...

You can tell it is winter.

You can tell it has been rainy and cold.

You can tell I have worked 4 days this week.

You can also tell I spent the whole day today cleaning, dusting, doing laundry and grocery shopping.

You can tell by the complete lack of communication on this blog.

Not much to say, not much of interest been happening around here. Erins' school holiday has come to an end and it has been pretty uneventful for her. The way it works out her birthday always falls in the school holidays. I remember going into labour on the Friday afternoon of the last day of term, depriving Hayley and Callum the excitement of going into school the next day to announce the news of the new arrival in our family, they had to wait 2 weeks to do that.

Despite the gloomy weather I have been training for tomorrows' run around the Maribyrnong River. This will be the first one with the Victorian Road Runners, so I will see how it goes before committing to a membership.

I will leave you with 2 more layouts that have been done for a while

number 26

Totoro, number 27
Both of these layouts are for Erins album. She was very excited one day when I picked her up from school to go back up to the gallery to see her sculpture. For her elective in 3D art she made a clay form of the anime figure Totoro. Only 3 sculptures from her class were chosen to be in the exhibition and she was thrilled to be chosen. When we went in to look at the exhibition I was impressed with the entire gallery and the beautiful space in the Terraces building. Next term she is doing 2D art and VCD, following her artistic passion.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterdays' thrashing of Essendon by St Kilda while I was watching was balanced out by a lovely family lunch out at the Plough.

I attend AFL football about once a year and this years match was worse than last years effort.

we were happy at the start, full of hope

It was really cold over this weekend

but lovely and warm inside the Plough

we had a great family catch up over some yummy food

Friday, July 6, 2012

The things you see...

I was enjoying a run at about 5pm tonight when I came across this unusual sight

Four large fish lined up across the track.

Who caught these fish?

Who lined them up and left them there?

No-one else was around, it was cold and getting dark and I did I double take then kept going.

How bizarre.

edited to add:
Consensus amongst the facebook experts is that the fish are carp. Carp is not a nice fish. They are in the same family as goldfish were introduced from Europe & Asia. By feeding on the bottom of our waterways they destroy the environment and push out the native fish.

It seems that you can eat the fish but they are not popular, except in Asia, and if you catch them you cannot throw them back but should dispose of them humanely.

Not sure if lining them up on the track is humane or a warning to other carp to beware. Some of the jokes about carp-eting the track were well received but I like Marianna's comment about candy the best.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tonight I was running in the rain. It felt really good after a busy day at work to hit the pavement and the puddles. Surprisingly I was on my pat malone on the track. My Lorna Jane long sleeved top kept me warm and the tunes were propelling me along.

Only a few days left before the 5km along a different river...the Maribynong with the Vic Road Runners.
I'm thinking of doing the 10km in the Melbourne Marathon held in October, any one want to come with?

And I just heard that the Color Run might be coming to Australia, I'll definitely do that one if I can.

Monday, July 2, 2012

While it is cold...

I have been productive.  Being productive at home while it is cold and wet outside keeps my mind off the cost of heating the house. I am mindful of the bills these days so I'm keeping the thermostat low and not using the dryer etc, now that the carbon tax is here I'm trying to cut costs if I can.

We have been having so much rain it made me think back to the last few years of the drought where we despaired that it would never rain again. It still startles me to see water laying in the paddocks and roadways and overfull dams where previously there was only an indent in the landscape

winter warmers from Coles
But I did get some layouts completed and made a new recipe from the latest Coles Winter handout. I made the pull apart spicy beef & beans in the slow cooker,
and then made these little cherry puddings.

This is week 27 of the year and here are a few more layouts towards the 50 total

number 23

number 24

number 25
I have 2 more to photograph and I am still on track.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


We went to visit a new cafe that opened this week in Beaconsfield.

Not close by but well worth the 80 minute drive from our place. This new establishment has been opened by Chris' sisters, Colette in front of house and Yvonne doing the cooking. They have worked tirelessly to renovate the existing space (which was an italian restaurant) beautifully. Colette has filled the white interior with quirky pieces from her homewares shop and it has a peaceful, fresh feel.

The food was lovely as well, we filled up on an omelette for Chris and I had a delicious chicken salad washed down with a glass of wine. After we had caught up with the family I had a yummy chocolate caramel tart and good coffee.

I'm kickin myself that I didn't take any photos of any of the food or the cafe while I was there, I was just enjoying the moment. I'd put the link in here but Colette has been having problems with the web page so hopefully she'll get it sorted quickly and they will do really well working together in partnership.

While we were there I popped next door to Colettes' first business venture, her lovely shop called Cebu fashion & home.

Full of trendy clothes and interesting pieces I managed to pick up 2 new things for my winter wardrobe ( that I wasn't going to add to, I know, I remember I said that but I couldn't resist a bargain).

As it was a surprise visit from us we were also surprised to find Colettes 2 daughters working in her shop while she waitressed next door. Our nieces are lovely girls and they squealed with delight when they saw us come in, it was a lovely reception.

Now that Scully's is up & running Colette has big plans for extensions out the back to make a summer courtyard and room for a family celebration of their mothers' 80th birthday in January. She sure is a power house of get up & go.