Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12...

My cardio tennis session was a really good one, no rain fell on us and after the first minute we didn't feel the cold. My new cross trainer shoes gave me a blister on top of my fourth toe which is disappointing for expensive shoes. It's just on one side but it couldn't be worse timing. I hope it doesn't hinder me on Sunday. I'm not sure whether to persist with a bandaid or to go back to the shop. I just checked their return policy and you can return shoes if they are unworn, I will have to check what their policy is if you are dissatisfied.

Room update: more coats today and I think we are nearly done! I'll see what it looks like tomorrow and she might be ready to move across. I saw an idea on Pinterest to paint a door with chalkboard paint so I went ahead and painted the back of the door with the first coat and this should be a funky fun thing for Erin to use her artistic skill on. She has been dabbling with watercolours this term and is producing more art for her walls.

You can tell it is Spring in Bacchus Marsh when the Plane trees drip their blossoms. This precedes the tree coming into full leaf but looks like a snow storm of foliage. There are many large trees lining the main street and on a windy day like today you would think you were actually in a snow storm. For hayfever sufferers it is not the pretty sight I look forward to each year.

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