Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14...race report

Let me skip ahead to say I had a dream run, the course was lovely, the weather was kind and the motivation of 9955 others in the 10k pushed me along so I ran the whole way and only slowed to gulp a few mouthfuls of drink and then kept going.

My day started early, not at 4:20 as I had planned, as the alarm was set for PM not AM(!) Chris woke me at 5:05 by asking me what time I was going to leave????? So I jumped up and quickly got going. I ate and drank in the car. The only problem with that was my gastric-colic reflex is particularly strong and I had to run into a 7-11 on the way and ask for the key. My chosen parking spot was waiting for me and the unreliable alarm setting was forgotten. I walked over to watch the 42km marathoners start at 7am and then lined up for my start.

There were times when I thought I would stop but I zoned in on the music, ignored my breathing and kept my slow steady pace. There were other times when I thought to myself how much I was enjoying running. Running in a group is so much easier, almost like being in a slip stream. Not really knowing the course also was a plus, you just had to keep following the pack, and it was fresh and interesting. I wasn't sure how far we had gone as I couldn't see (if there were any) distance markers and it wasn't until the MCG came into sight I knew we were almost done. Once we ran into the G we had to do a final lap of the ground to the finish gate. That last lap is a real test of your mental staying power but I did a little sprint up to the gate. The time on the gantry was 1:14 so I am hoping for a little less than that. I was happy to see that I had come in about the middle of the pack, lots in front but also lots behind.The preparation I did paid off and I would like to maintain this level but it has been a pretty intense.

I sat in the stand and watched the first place marathon and half marathon runners and then picked up my medal and showbag before heading back to the car. Many of the runners were still on the course and the further back in the pack they were the more pain showed on their faces. It didn't inspire me to run further next year but the high I have been on all day has been fantastic.

Even the worsening blister on my toe hasn't dampened my spirits.

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