Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7...

The change to daylight savings time has left me tired tonight. That plus the training I have done and plan to do this week leading up to the marathon next Sunday. I plan to swim, run, workout and run some more in the next 6 days. I keep looking at the race map with the highlighted road closures struggling to find somewhere to park on the morning of the race. Without a public transport option and about 27,000 registered for the different races my stress levels are peaking.

Hayley came over to finish clearing her room but sat on the couch, ate some food and left with just one bag full and a container of soy icecream. She tells me she will be back tomorrow with some energy to take a bit more. I will just box it up tomorrow before I start prepping/cleaning the walls.

I really need to buy some paint too.

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