Sunday, October 31, 2010

Like Wow Wipeout...

Remember this???

Crank up the volume and sit back and enjoy

We are off to see the Hoodoo Gurus and I am beyond excited!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Driving Miss Me...

I've been thinking about our trip to NSW as I scrap some photos. Our plane trip was exciting and new for Erin and I (Chris - a bit more seasoned with the flying thing) but things really started happening when we arrived at the airport.

I had googled some map directions, telling me that the trip to Terrigal should take 90 minutes. We had packed our e-tag so we could smoothly use the tollways. And Chris had loaded up the trip on his phone which would be our navigator. We were well prepared.

What could go wrong?

We landed in Sydney on a Friday afternoon at 4pm. We hadn't factored in that this particular Friday was the beginning of a long weekend when every single person in the city of Sydney was leaving for a break.

It took about half an hour to collect our bags and hire car. The little manual Corolla was easy to drive and I jumped in the drivers seat for that first journey so Chris could be Mr Maps and guide us out of the city. The first snag was the delay in picking up a signal on the GPS. While we were waiting for that first direction I headed out the way the guy at the Hertz booth directed me, he also added 'follow the signs to Newcastle'.

Well after the first left turn there were no signs! There was no directions from the phone and Chris had his phone out the window attempting to get a signal. What there was was a lot of traffic, rushing in and out of lanes and intent on getting in front. I had no idea where I was going, I kept heading towards Centrepoint tower (lucky that thing is so tall) as we knew that was in the city and I kept hoping for a sign for the Harbour Bridge. I kept saying to Chris 'left or right?' We were pretty clueless but I lucked onto the Bridge and onto the Pacific Highway. By the time the signal kicked in we were heading in the right direction.

After inching along the Pacific Highway and adjusting to the Sydney way of driving, 3 hours later we pulled into Terrigal. We didn't go the toll way, the most direct way and definately not the quickest way but we made it with very little clue of the best way. During the trip the GPS function of the phone worked really well as long as you gave it some time to think.

Our return trip to the airport was much smoother, our GPS took us on a different and quicker route, on freeways and tollways. We even went under the harbour in the tunnel and were ready to check in 2 hours after we left Terrigal.

Live and learn.


I had to pop in to the lolly shop to get some Halloween treats and got an update on the pedestrian who was knocked down when I was having my haircut recently.

Apparently she walked into the lolly shop the next day to say thank you to Esther for helping. She was bruised and sore but not injured.Quite remarkable really.

Esther went on to tell me that the woman asked her if she had seen her phone after the accident. Esther had scooped up the contents of the handbag that had been scattered across the road from the force of the impact and popped the bag into the ambulance with her. Esther had collected everything she could see but the phone was now missing.

Several days later the phone turned up...the mechanic found it under the bonnet of the car that hit her! It must have been flung up out of her hand, landed on the base of the windscreen and slipped under. I'm sure the mechanic must have been a bit puzzled, but the phone was returned and our story has a happy ending.

Another mystery was solved when Chris found my memory stick!
It had landed under the stools in the kitchen, probably swept off the bench, and I probably would have found it next time I vacuumed (that might have been a while!) I am very relieved that all that work did not have to be re-done and I can stop searching for it.

Good news all round.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Situation normal...

Back at work.

Its like I never went away.

But after just 4 days of working I have 5 days off! (Thank you Melbourne Cup Day)

If someone could tell me where my memory stick has disappeared to I'll be very relieved, it has all of my presentations stored on it which represents hours and hours of work.

And I might be imagining things but I feel taller when I walk out of the yoga session.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My leave is over...

Four lovely weeks have zoomed by in one way but in another it has been a good length of time to achieve some of the things I wanted to do. Some of those things were more exciting than others but I am satisfied none the less.

When the children were in Primary School they had to write a diary entry each Monday morning. At the end of the year they would bring their work home and I would read over their many pieces. I have kept some of the books as a reminder of their progress and the way their hand writing had developed. I laugh at these diaries and journals because they alway began 'On the weekend..', mostly they were very mundane activities and some family secrets were revealed in their writing! I am thinking of this as I begin this post.

On my holidays I....

went to 3 parties ☺Yvonnes 40th
                          ☺ Lucy's 21st
                          ☺ Callum's 19th

flew in an aeroplane for the first time in 13 years

visited family, beaches, cafes

had my birthday in another State

watched Spring unfold in my garden and pulled out loads of weeds...look out backyard you're next!

walked beside the river most days, usually when it wasn't raining, the river looks really full

gave blood (and embarrassingly nearly passed out at the end, I've lost all my condition!)

saw the movie 'Eat Pray Love' and enjoyed it. Some reviews made me doubt I would but it was very like the book, so that made it for me. Maybe those reviewers hadn't read the book.

read just one book, but that was enough

scrapped some recent events

made some jewellery and some cakes

tried yoga at the local centre, will probably go back again

was busy at some times and did nothing at others, just the way I like it

went for a ride with the Ulysses club on a beautiful sunny day

spent lots of time with Hayley - lunches at Woodend, Ballarat, before she starts her apprenticeship soon

walked a hundred k's (felt like it) at Chadstone with Vanessa and had a good laugh

had a haircut and helped at an accident - at the same time

did some of the spring cleaning I had planned but not all and thats OK too.

I'm not ready for alarms and uniforms but will go back to work tomorrow with lots of memories of my time off. My first task is to put in a leave form for the next round of holidays!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The girls got up at 6am to pin this little surprise on Callum's door.

Callum's 19th birthday today. Happy birthday Son, hope you have a good one and a fabulous year to finish your teenage years...Enjoy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The apple 21st...

we had lots of fun at Lucy's 21st last night. The rain held off, there was a fire or two and Karen had done a fantastic job making the apple shed look comfy.

Erin went as a 'pink lady'...
I found that pink jacket in an op shop on Thursday. It cost me a whole $5 and fit her perfectly, some things are just meant to be.

I went as 'granny smith'
 complete with Hayley's apron, Hayley's glow mesh handbag, an op shop dress and a shawl knitted by my sister about 30 years ago (is that right Louise?). Add a wig and glasses and I look pretty much like my mother!

Hayley whipped up a tree costume...variety questionable

There were quite a few Apple iPods...the touch kind

 and the colourful kind

JohnPaul and Mai Pyin came as the 'Big Apple couriers'

There was a couple of Snow Whites and Wicked Witches

 And a William Tell...very clever

 a live band played
lots of people had made an effort which was really great to see, there were lots of apples -red and rotten, farmers, doctors and teacher's pets, even a Statue of Liberty. I was a bit disappointed there was no Tassie references but it was a good night overall.

And the birthday girl had a great time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beauty & the Beast...

The announcement for next years show was made at the cast party on Friday night...

Beauty and the Beast it will be.

Quirky timing as B & B is having a revival at the moment. You can buy all sorts of paraphenalia including the DVD. I'm surprised they could get the rights to perform this as anything mainstream costs a fortune, even for a small amateur group.
It was Hayley's favourite movie as a little girl and our copy on video is just about worn thin. She even had a Belle Barbie and a 'Beastly' Ken. The girls are both keen to be in it, Erin has her eye on the 'Chip' part.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good weather for...

Yesterday was perfect weather for spring cleaning. I was able to open up the house and blow the dust off things that were very dusty. The rain came in around 5pm and we got 40+ mls in the first hour. It has been light and  steady since so it has been perfect to do a bit of crafting today.

While it has been raining I made this headband for Erin from some beads and foam.

We have been invited to Lucy's 21st and the party has an apple theme. Her family have been orchardists in the Marsh for generations and the event will be held in the apple shed with lots of apple associated goodies. It will be a fun, country style affair. We have been asked to dress up in the apple theme and lots of ideas are floating around in my head...granny smith, golden delicious, pink lady (think Grease!), apple picker or even a tree.

I'm off to make some jewellery and maybe do some scrapping...I love holidays!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quite a feat...

During our interstate trip I read and finished Jessica Watson's book about her fantastic voyage.

It was quite a remarkable journey that she was able to complete, an interesting read. One small point of correction though, she states she sailed by Christmas Island but according to her mapped out route she didn't sail that far north on the western side of Australia. Still a remarkable accomplishment for a 16 year old.

Now I need another book to read...any suggestions?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not your average hair cut...

Back to school for Erin but I am still on holidays for another 2

Last week I had a quick trim at the hairdresser interrupted by a commotion outside the window. A woman crossing at the pedestrian crossing had been knocked over by a car. Amber, the hairdresser, whipped off my cape and I ran out to render assistance. Her injuries were not immediately life threatening - she was not obviously haemorrhaging and was quite lucid despite the pain she was in. Lots of people had gathered to see if they could help and I knelt beside her until the ambulance came (just a few minutes). She was carted off to hospital and I went back to get the rest of my hair cut.

I had wondered what the extent of her injuries were and if she was OK, more details might be published in the local paper this week. End of story for me or so I thought. My sister rang to tell me she was at a dancing comp in Geelong and talking to someone who was related to someone who had been knocked down by a car in Bacchus Marsh! Her injuries fit the picture but the name was wrong. Could it be the same woman? How many people get knocked down by cars at crossings in Bacchus Marsh?

The mystery goes on.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My birthday...

This year my birthday was celebrated while we were away, which was quite a nice way to do it.

Erin was quite taken with these flowers while we were in NSW, our climate is not quite right for them here

We had a very nice dinner with Duncan, Donna & CJ. They left for their home in Toowoomba early the next morning, leaving us with some extra days on our own.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Terrigal part 4 - Beaches...

Our trip included visits to a few beaches.

The skillion at Terrigal

Terrigal beach on a blowy showery day

Avoca Beach

The surf was up at Avoca

Patonga, a quiet inlet with lots of fishing boats and pelicans

Pearl beach seemed like a lovely family spot, they were constructing/improving the sea baths here.

And finally the view of cosmopolitan Terrigal on a sunny day from our balcony

Picture perfect

Friday, October 8, 2010

Terrigal part 3 - Cafes...

We did a lot of my favourite thing while we were away...eating out!

Hot chocolates at a beach side cafe

Pizza and pasta at a street cafe

Brunch at another cafe
Pancakes at Yvonnes cafe in Woy Woy
I think I am getting better at the self portrait thing
Yvonne and Joys' new business, its called Pepe's at the Pavillion and is becoming very successful for them.

They opened in February this year and are working long hours 7 days a week but its paying off for them. The food was delicious and the coffee fabulous. Shame it is such a long way away, popping in for a coffee is not an option, but if you are in Woy Woy (near the station) do try it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The party...

The whole reason for our trip was to get together to celebrate Yvonne's birthday. She will be 40 on 10/10/10, the youngest of the clan with 16 years separating her from the oldest (Brendan). Not all could be there but we were able to catch up on




CJ, the character
And some new friends
Tina & Joy
There were even some spectacular fireworks
And a good time had by all despite the chilly temperature and constant rain, as night fell the warm jackets came out and I was glad I had packed them even though I thought it was a waste of space at the time.
Erin had the camera on a tilt most of the night!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrigal...part 2...

Our internet find for accomodation has been pretty good. When you book something sight unseen or without a recommendation it can be a bit risky. We have been pretty lucky in that;

the house is in a good location with great views and

its pretty clean & close to its description.

The views are fabulous

The pool would be great to swim in if it were 10 degrees warmer and not raining
The  10 minute walk to the beach is a steep downhill with what seems to be a vertical climb back up
I've been watching the surfers whilst reading my book and sipping on a wine
Would be just about perfect if it wouldn't rain so much.

It reminds me of when we used to go on fishing holidays as children. The locals used to say 'you should have been here last week' when the fish were apparently jumping into the boat and weighed about 5 pounds each. Today a local shopkeeper told me the weather in Terrigal last week was a sunny 28 degrees. Not this weekend, its been cold rainy and windy, but I'm not letting that spoil my holiday.