Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15...

My time is in!

1:08:07, a little better than I thought and now my PB. I have set the bar and now have a standard to maintain.

I was all set to have a whinge about a certain sports shoe shop for selling me shoes that gave me a blister. But today I went back with the shoes and the helpful sales assistant checked out the first pair and fitted me with a second pair. They exchanged them with no hesitation. They really did want me to be satisfied with my purchase.
I wore the second pair to tennis tonight and they were pretty good. The toe with the blister is still quite sore so it is a bit hard to tell if these shoes will be better. It was a lovely night tonight and I had 2 good games and got quite sweaty. Thankfully the wind died right down, perfect for us.

Erin is off to camp this week in the Otways and is meant to be camping in tents and cooking on trangias. I was doubtful about the whole camping thing when it was blowing a gale this morning but it is much nicer this evening. I hope she has a good week, they will be mountain biking and the Otway Fly as well as an Amazing Race type adventure in Apollo Bay.

And the house will be tidy all week.

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