Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Apparently today was a nice day, the view through the window looked sunny but by the time I left work at 645pm it was dark and dumping down with rain.

Apparently when you leave work late and think you can grab a BBQ chicken for dinner you'd better get there before they sell out at 710pm.

Apparently Wednesday night is the night for grabbing a last minute no cooking dinner.

Apparently I like to be organised and like things to go to plan.

And missing my planned run on what was a sunny afternoon has added to my grumpy state.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another week gone by...

Another week has trickled by. The weather has started to turn and we have seen a bit of sunshine between the showers. Spring is showing its face with some of the trees in the local orchards starting to blossom.

Even my miniature daffodils from last year have sporadically flowered.

My fitness program is going well and I have settled in to a nice routine of running with some swimming and pilates thrown in as well. I am loving the cardio tennis and have enjoyed several games with the ladies on a Monday night. Tonight I was upgraded from a 3 to a 2 and I'm hoping to get a regular gig instead of waiting for a call each week.

Both my girls have had haircuts and redyed their hair, Hayley more red and Erins more black. Their shorter styles are really smart and fresh.

I have been scrounging around op shops for some 'cammo' gear to wear at the Relay for Life. The hospital team is going for a 'MASH' theme this year and I have had difficulty finding anything in our size. The best I could do is some khaki green coloured ladies pants which I will splotch some paint on in a camouflage style. It will have to do, I'm not buying new stuff from a disposal store when it wont be worn again.

 I have done another 2 pages for Hayleys' album and after having some photos printed at Harvey Norman I have a few more lined up.

No 35

No 36

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a week...

This week has been hectic.

Monday (included working) then a night game of tennis with the ladies.

Tuesday was a busy, busy day in the unit.

Wednesday after work Erin and I went back up to school to find out about her subject selection for year 10 next year.

Thursday after work I headed straight into the city (so glad I dont have to do that commute daily) to attend a grief seminar put on by VCOG (the C is for co-operative) which is a sub group of the Cancer Council Vic. It was an excellent session but I would have appreciated it more on another night.

Friday saw me do some mad last minute things, which included packing and cooking, before heading off to Mansfield.

Just  a short 3 & 1/2 hour trip to attend my neices Confirmation on the Saturday morning.

We happened to travel up the mountain on one of this winters' wettest and coldest days but found refuge in a lovely cabin in the High Country Holiday Park.

Erin and I ended up at the Mansfield Pub for a warming meal

We sat by an open fire and enjoyed a leisurely drink and delicious meal

But the whole point of our travels was to attend the Confirmation but before we could  do that a cross country run was thrown in. So I rugged up in layers of running gear and got down and dirty, sweaty and puffing.

My niece doesnt feel the cold...apparently
Olivia was very sweet and ran with me instead of trying to get a good time. Some parts of the 'crossie' were steep and muddy and I walked until I could catch my breath. She did a bit of running on the spot during those times. I was glad too when we caught up with the walkers who had headed out first and  held us up on the narrow track.

muddy/wet socks & shoes &
 a decorative mud spray up my legs

Hopefully Big Sisters' pics include a nice one with my God daughter on this day of her confirmation. Erin did not snap any after the racing.

Another long car journey home, where I proceeded with my eyelids shut and tuned out the thrashing Essendon received at the hands of the Blue, to a very sodden Marsh.

I think tomorrow I am going to be still, at least for an hour or three.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tennis bracelets...

Now that I am getting back into tennis I wondered whether I should ask for a 'tennis bracelet'. I love me some jewellery and any excuse is valid.

I googled tennis bracelets and this little story is repeated enough for me to believe it...

It's not often that a piece of jewelry is named for an accident, but such is the case with tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets got their unusual name from an incident involving professional tennis player Chris Evert during a match in 1987. Evert had been wearing an expensive bracelet featuring an inline string of individually-set diamonds. When the clasp snapped, she asked the officials to stop the match until the jewelry could be found. Since that day, bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds have been called tennis bracelets.
Tennis bracelets are popular accessories for formal occasions due to their luster and sparkle. Individual diamonds (or reasonable facsimiles) are placed in square settings and then strung into a bracelet held together by a clasp. The settings and support wiring may be constructed from silver or other quality jewelry metal. The individual settings allow tennis bracelets to move comfortably while worn.

here are some  examples I'd be happy with

I'd even wear it at tennis.

If you look for golf bangle you dont get a clear answer. Any ideas? Anyone?

A golf bangle seems to be a solid band

in silver or gold. This rose gold bangle is $475 from thejewelshop and wouldn't mind adding it to my collection.

As long as I dont have to take up golf

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More tennis tales...

Its amazing how things can snowball sometimes.

I wanted to play a bit of tennis.

I joined in on a session of cardio tennis and really enjoyed it.

The hospital is having a Round Robin tennis tournament as a fundraiser in November.

I rang the contact number and registered our doubles pairing.

During that conversation with Nadine she asked me if I was interested in the local ladies tennis comp on a Monday night. Hmm, yes I responded. She passed on my name to the local co-ordinator who rang me promptly (the next day) and told me to come down on Monday night for a grading hit.

On Monday when I turned up Esther asked me if I could stay and fill in for a team as they were short.

Um, I suppose so.

So I had a quick grading hit, they put me in a team with another emergency player and between us we had a few good shots, won a couple of games, but lost the match, and had some fun.

Honestly it is about 32 years since I have played an actual game of tennis. I might have fibbed a bit when I told the others it was about 20 years since I had played. I didn't want to seem too old. The difference between 20 and 32 is indiscernable. Really. I was just 16 or 17 when I last played with the Buckley Park Tennis Club in the NSJTC as a junior where we won the 'C' grade pennant. Hoarder I am I still have that little felt blue and gold pennant. I'll have to dig it out to check the year but probably about 1978.

Until the end of the year I will be an emergency to fill in on a Monday night. Next year I should get into a team. I will definately have to hone my skills as a team player, hitting the ball back is all good when someone is hitting back and forth with you but the running and stretching and putting the ball where you want will come with a bit more practice.

All good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


24 years ago on this day I became a mother.

I've spoken about this before but it was a pretty momentous occasion for me. I was just 24 myself (you do the math, yep I'm not 50 yet).

This lovely baby came 3 days after her due date and 15mins before she could forever say her birthdate was 8/8/88...not to be. But she had come across so many other people who celebrate their birthday on the same day, it seems it was a popular date.

The last 24 years have flown by and Hayley has grown from a lovely little girl to a wonderful young woman. We are lucky that she is still living at home in her extremely messy bedroom, I'll miss her when she finally makes her move.

Hayley is unique and wonderful, quite definate and individual in some areas but quirky and fun with lots of friends, can you tell we love her to bits!?!

Happy birthday darling girl.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wintery August...

Winter in the garden, some plants are bare, some are brown and some are blooming.

I am on the hunt for a Daphne plant (bush/shrub?) As I was walking back to my car after a study day in Ballarat the air was heady with the perfume of Daphne. The Bunnings lady told me I was a bit early and would have to wait until mid spring to get one from them. I'll check out other nurseries before then, I want one NOW.

The study day was fantastic and well worth giving up tennis & scrapping to be there.

Today I fully intended to go for a run but the weather turned just before I got my gear on and it was really windy with icy showers. So instead Erin and I made creme brulee and then because I had 4 egg whites left over I made some mini pavlovas.

 Any day you get to use a big flame thing is a good day.

I will have to run twice as far tomorrow.