Sunday, January 7, 2018

Back on the trail...

Last year I averaged 20km per week, this year my goal is to do at least 20k again. I think this achievable given I had 2 hiatus periods last year.

First 10k was easy with the parkrun double.

Next 10k was a trail run in a new location nearby on Long Forest Road. We had run this one for the first time last week. Making the 6pm start time then had been easy because of an early finish at work but this week I couldn't get away early. By the time I had gone home, sorted a meal and changed it was already 6 by the time I left. I had told the girls to head up to the meeting point as I didn't know if I was going to make it. When I arrived at the carpark it was full of cars and the group had already started their run. They had a 10 min start on me.
My plan was to follow along as much of  the trail as I could remember. If I felt unsure I was going to turn back or if I got to the loop part and they were still ahead then I would turn back. I hadn't told anyone I had made it and I didn't want to be on my own out there or them seeing my car in the car park and not knowing where I was.
So I headed off. I didn't feel afraid at all. I surprised myself by remembering landmarks along the way. The Doritos that Mel had pointed out. The bendy tree you had to duck under. The reedy bit along the river that whipped at your legs. The bright orange flags randomly placed in the clearing. The second river crossing that Pat had helped my up (made it up on my own the second time!) and as I approached the loop section I could see the group up ahead. They were regrouping and having a breather. I was met with joyous cries of 'here comes Jo!'
They were surprised that I had popped up and I was glad I had caught up with them and quite proud of myself for remembering the way.

photo credit Michael T

I wouldn't like to run out there by myself, if you slipped and hurt yourself it is nice to know help isn't too far away and the danger of getting lost is negated by the proximity to assistance.

Running and exploring our wonderful bushland is much better shared with friends.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year, new goals...

The New Year started off with a bang. After a quiet celebration of the year with my running buddies I was up early on New Year's Day to head to parkrun.
Many events put on a special event, parkrun is usually run only on a Saturday morning but Christmas Day and New Year's Day is a special extra event.
Last year I went to just one of these at Maribynong and it was a great way to start off what was to be a really great year. This year I was planning to do the same but as a MCR group were heading off to do the 'double' I joined in.
We started off at Coburg parkrun at 8am. 230 keen runners ran the lovely scenic course and it was lovely to be cheered on by the faster runners who hadn't walked the hilly part.

our jump shot co-ordination needs work
Next we headed off to Darebin parkrun in Reservoir for a 930am start. About 200 lined up for that one and most had come from the Coburg run to get the double done.
Another good run from the group along a river course. Mine was slower as I was feeling the effects of the champagne the night before and no water during the morning. But still I enjoyed the morning with these wonderful people.

Feels good to start the year off right.