Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9...

More painting and exercise.

I did a personal training session with a friend who runs with me sometimes. She usually attends on a Tues and Thurs morning but as I am always working those days I haven't been able to attend. Til now.
It was a good session working arms, legs and core with some running thrown in. She was very encouraging about Sundays' run and gave me some good tips for my preparation in the next few days. Less is more this week according to PT Erin. I'm happy to go with that plan.

The ceiling in Hayley's old room is now painted and we got one undercoat on to cover the purple. It is still making its presence known. Another undercoat tomorrow and, if my Erin can make up her mind, the topcoat. I thought she had decided on a vived green but it seems she has gone off that idea and is now undecided. She wants to go back to the paint store to choose something else. I was wondering if a wall sticker would look good and tempted her with these that take my fancy

from here
from here

from here

from here

My favourite is the taupe/white combo but it is probably not quite right for Erin's bedroom. My family is always teasing me about my love affair with brown. The choice of sticker will influence the paint colour, now I am into this project I dont want any delays. Maybe we can choose the paint with a sticker in mind.


  1. Hi Jo. My vote is for the duck-egg blue version. So soothing and restful on the eye. You've done such an amazing job with your fitness. You're very inspiring. Must get my butt moving a bit more now that the weather's improving. I have taken up yoga, which I LOVE. It definitely helps with my fibromyalgia too. Take care honey. Will call in again soon. xxoo

    1. have seen the your yoga pins on pinterest, no doubt you'll be bendy like that before you know it!