Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31...

The end of the month. A month that has been full of running, birthdays, no alcohol consumption (which turned out to be very easy I must say), holidays and working.

To finish off the month I am talking about ... running... again.

Here is my time for yesterdays fun run

5km time: 36:51
Overall position: 186
Gender position: 110
Category position: 19th       My category was Masters 45+, they start putting you in the over the hill category pretty quick.
507 competitors had results recorded.

I didn't beat my time from the Mothers Day Classic. I didn't think I would as the conditions yesterday were pretty bad. In May I was able to finish in 29:56. Plenty of room for improvement.


  1. Good effort. Glad you persevered in the wet weather and that I was there to see you finish. When is the next run? L

  2. might do the Geelong run on Nov 20!

  3. Jo, can I just say that you are a legend. You set out on a quest to be a runner, and by golly, now you ARE a runner. Very inspiring. So wish I could still run....I shall enjoy running vicariously through your achievements. Well done my dear. xxx