Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2...

This time last year

  • Collingwood were in the AFL Grand Final, this year not as successful as last. Meatloaf sang at the opening this year, also not as successful as hoped. We were in Vic when the draw happened, but when the replay grandfinal was on we were in Terrigal trying to get a table to have dinner out for my birthday. It didn't help that it was the Rugby grandfinal also and everyone in NSW was out celebrating.

  • We were in NSW to celebrate Chris' sisters' 40th birthday with family. A lot can happen in a year. That sisters' long term relationship has broken up and there has been some ugliness with the cafe, the house and the dog.

7 years ago in October we were nursing our mother in her final weeks

20 years ago I was pregnant with our son

23 years ago I celebrated my birthday with an 8 week old baby Hayley

Birthday photo 2011

Birthday photo 2010

Can you see much difference? Do I look a year older?

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