Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14...

Random ramblings...

went for a swim this morning, helped ease out the sore back I woke up with. That pilates stretching last night did more than I thought. My back feels fine tonight.

spent the rest of the day cleaning up this messy house. I can't do 2 showers in one day, I'll do the other one tomorrow. I was able to use my newly fixed vac & it was nice to open up the windows on this warm, windy day.

Met with Ness for coffees at Baby Black, a very nice way to spend the afternoon, sitting in the courtyard, sipping lattes.

The neighbours have put their house up for sale, they have been very nice and quiet but I wont miss listening to their dog bark for hours on end. Tonight has been particularly bad, it has been barking for hours. Payback will be next Friday night when Callum has his party. We only have one party a year so it will be our turn to by noisy.

The girls have gone down to the cast party tonight to wind up the Beauty & the Beast season. And to find out what next years show will be. Hayley has just texted me to let me know the news.We had a bet on what they would announce but we were both wrong - there will be no show next year. Erin is more disapointed than Hayley is, I think Hayley would like a break but she may be part of the Grammar's school production next year instead.

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