Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22...

Today I got quite lost in the past leafing through Callum's photo albums. I can hardly recognise the baby that he was.

He was a cuddly, snuggly baby. So very cute and time consuming. As he grew up he tested us in ways that Hayley had never done. We had to put up barricades and locks on things that Hayley had never dared to touch. She knew no meant no, Callum on the hand was wilfull and determined. His language was much slower to come than Hayleys and while it was difficult not to compare 1st borns with 2nd, and girls with boys it did come in his own time. I wonder if this delay added to his frustration which would manifest itself in some lashing out at other children. Playgroup was never a relaxing time for me.

Callum never enjoyed school and tried many sports and activities including the trumpet, which he was quite good at, but never settled on any one thing until he took up the guitar. I've been a spectator at Aus Kick, Roo Ball, Milo Cricket, swimming, karate and tennis.

He split his chin open twice as a toddler and once as a drunken teenager, but had very few injuries or sickness. When he had his tonsils out he sat up soon out of Recovery and downed some sandwiches because his hunger was worse than the pain in his throat.

His lack of interest in school has somewhat diminished his choices out in the workforce, he is yet to find his niche in the world. My hope for him is that he can find something he enjoys so he can go far.

The main thing that struck me was how my scrapping has evolved. His was the first album I put together and it is very influenced by the Creative Memories style that we were first introduced to. Some of it makes me cringe but there is little I would change now. It is still a pleasure to thumb through the pages and remembering his childhood. That was the aim of the album and I have achieved that.

*We never imagined when we named him Callum that his friends would end up calling him Calzo.

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