Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23...

What a contrast in days.

Yesterday was overcast all day then at about 3pm the heavens opened and we had a dumping of rain with spectacular thunder and lightning. At Melton they had hail as well, we managed to miss that but had flooding all over the backyard.

This morning the sky was clear blue and it was warm. Perfect for a ride.

I took these photos as we sped along. Its not easy. I need to take off one of my gloves, take the camera carefully out of my jacket pocket, hold the glove in my left hand while I stick out my arm and try to snap away. Today I tried to get a self portrait of the both of us but it was more effort  than I could manage (just think how it would feel if you stuck your arm out of the car window at 80kms/hr, the buffetting is surprising. I prefer to be tucked in behind the Boy Racer)

Once I have finished snapping I have to put the camera back in my pocket and put my glove back on whilst being safe and stable at the same time. I have no idea if any of the pics turn out until we are off the bike and the chance has passed.

We ended up at the local cafe for a coffee at the end of the ride and I asked BR to smile for me,

the bug catcher is a must with an open face helmet
 I can tell he is smiling because of the pose.

I love weather like today. Don't need to run the heater or the air con to be comfortable, that's a money saver. Don't need to run the dryer or the electric blanket. The drawback was that by the time I went for my run it was pretty sunny and warm and I got very red faced and hot. Just 1 week left til the Lara Fun Run and I need to get the last training laps in. The forecast for that day at this point is showery and mild but I will probably still be red faced at the finish line.

Its been a good day.

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