Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21..

The 21st is a special day in our household. This is the day of Callum's birth. 20 years ago our only son was born in a rush and a gush.

My second pregnancy had been much like the first, pretty smooth sailing with only minor irritations. I was working nights at RCH and Chris was working for the railways as a Transit Patrol Officer.We were living in Avondale Heights in a rental house and Hayley was a delightful 3yo.

Callum was due on the 24th October but on the night of the 20th as I was getting up off the couch to go to bed at about 1030pm I felt a little pop and my waters broke. No pain and no sense of urgency I rang a girlfriend to check what to do (?) and then rang my mum. We took Hayley down to her place and then proceded to Essendon Hospital. I still hadn't felt any contractions but we were admitted into a labour/delivery room. Once things did get moving it all happened really quickly. I seemed to go straight from that first contraction to wanting to push. I remember the midwife admonishing me for still having my underwear on, I had gone in with leaky waters so wasn't going without thank you.

Callum was born at 0237 on the morning of 21st October in a precipitous labour.  Precipitous labour is one that lasts less than 3 hours and while it might sound great to have it over all so quickly it can be intensely painful, a bit out of control and end up with uterine or perineal damage, more on that soon. As well as being a precipatous birth he was born 'en-caul'. This means he had the membranes over his face when he was born. The midwife cleared it so he could take his first breath. Babies born with the caul are meant to be good swimmers & sailors, it was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness. Cal is not a great swimmer, has not joined the navy and is yet to find his greatness.

Soon after his birth it became apparent that the placenta would not separate despite the best efforts of midwives and the doctor so I needed a quick GA and manual removal. That too was organised lickety split and soon enough I was opening my eyes to see my newborn son.

We named him Callum John because we liked the name and it was a compromise between Liam and Cameron. John was for my Dad who never got to see any of his grandchildren (and was to have 3 grandsons honour him in this way). He weighed a perfect 7lb 8oz and was the perfect addition to our little family.

Amazing how fast 20 years goes by, sounds like a cliche but so true. Now this little baby is a grown man playing very loud music out in the back shed celebrating the day of his birth.


  1. Thanks for sharing Callum's birth story Jo. Hope he had a great birthday. Love the scrapbook layout. Little cutie! Hard to believe that tiny baby is a young man now. It happens so fast!

  2. In a blink of an eye they turn in to young men, hope Corey had a good day, Jo