Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30...

Grey     rainy     cold    wet  

These were the conditions for todays Fun Run at Lara.

When I got up I saw the note Hayley had left for me.

It wasn't raining when I set off from Bacchus Marsh but the closer I got to Lara the worse it got. I was wet through waiting in line to pick up my number and timing tag and the pre race warm up did little to warm me up.

But off we started, about 700 of us foolhardy individuals, some to run 10km and some to run just 5. The track was pretty muddy and the grass was sodden. There were some very large puddles. My paper race number lasted about 1km before sliding off in a sodden state. I held the timing strip in my hand for the rest of the way. If I was going to finish this race I want to know my time.

The course was nice and would be much better without the rain. Many marshals were standing with their wet weather gear and umbrellas directing the flow of runners. At one stage I was passed by a Dad (fit looking individual) pushing a running stroller.

Not sure what my time will be, probably slower than Mothers Day, as the conditions were worse.

Thanks to big Sis who came down, got a bit wet herself, and took some pics for me at the end.

I'm just waiting now for the results to go up so I can compare. I'm looking for a PB now I have done 2 timed runs.

And looking for another run to do.

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