Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28...

It was a wild windy warm day today and now we are having heavy rain. I can hear the windswept garden soaking up the moisture.

We did manage to dig the hole for the gate post this morning. Chris, muscles pulsing, did the digging part. My job was to scoop the dirt out while he had a rest. By the end I told him it was deep enough when I couldn't reach the bottom any longer. The notches are cut and the concrete is set, the next step is to hang the frames and attach the colourbond sheets.

I also had some nice 'inside' time, between going for a swim, vacuuming the house and helping outside.

I turned a wooden bangle form and 1.5 metres of silk ribbon

into a lovely handmade accessory

Looks a bit washed out in this pic but in real life the colour of the hand dyed silk ribbon is lovely.

Pretty good for about $10.

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