Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13...

Pilates vs Yoga

I had my first pilates session tonight. I've only ever done pilates before by following a video and whenever I do this I am left wondering 'is this the right way, am I doing it right?' By participating in a class you have the benefit of the instuctor picking you up when your plank isn't straight.

I didn't find it much different to the yoga classes I was doing. I thought pilates was a bit more aerobic than yoga but this particular class was very stretchy and not very pulse raising. Actually when I walked out I felt a bit nauseous and headache-ey. I am definitely not very flexible & I'm still not even close to touching my toes. I always thought that was because my leg muscles were tight but the instructor thinks my lower back is also stopping me.

When I used to finish a yoga class I would walk out & feel like I was 6 feet tall. I am hoping I will walk out of these pilates classes with rock hard abs.

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