Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6 -baking...

I've had some time to bake during my holiday and have been browsing some new magazines.

I tagged some of the 55+ recipes to just about 10 things to try. Chris hates it when I cook out of cooking  mags or recipe books but I get tired of cooking the same things all the time and look for something new to try. If you don't try you don't know, do you?

These little chocolate meringues are a little different from the original recipe

but with some berry sauce they tasted delicious.

With the left over egg yolks I whipped up a batch of lemon butter, yet to be used but will probably go into my lemon slice.

From the same delicious magazine I tried the lamb meatballs on the family, not bad but it won't go into the 'favourites' book. Our Coles butcher has a large range of minces including lamb, pork, pork & veal and veal on its own. I have another recipe for veal & sage meatloaves which we will have soon.

I made some apricot tarts that I saw in a recent Better Homes & Gardens. I didn't follow the recipe exactly but they were really easy and tasted so good.

because I didn't follow the recipe mine didn't look like this picture but I will do them again. Easy to do at short notice if you keep puff pastry and tinned apricots on hand.
Another thing to try to is the chocolate salami, which sounds like it will nice on a cheese platter. I just have to find fresh Medjool dates to put in it.

I'm off to have a chocolate chip cookie with my coffee and find some photos to scrap tomorrow.

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