Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The pedometer...

Hayley bought me a lovely pedometer for my birthday and I have been wearing it to work, on walks and runs. I wore it last week at work and clocked up 5 kms around the unit. It has 3 functions; counts steps and you can read it as steps or kms, and it calculates the calories ( or kilojoules if you prefer). The drawback with the calories function is when you know you have burned up a big whack of energy you don't feel guilty about a little indulgence as a reward.

It was also a very sweet colour and showed me the date and time.

I wore it on the Run on Sunday and didn't give it a second thought until much later that night. I couldn't find it anywhere, not among my soggy clothing or the bag I took. I had lost my lovely pedometer!

I emailed the event organiser hoping someone might have found and handed it in. Imagine my surprise when I got a prompt reply with a positive outcome. Someone had indeed found it and been honest enough to hand it in.

Justin has it and I can pick it up on Friday when I head back to Lara. He did offer to post it but I think its been through enough, it may not survive Aust Post as well.

In hind sight I didn't need to wear a pedometer on that day, I knew the distance I was going to cover and each km was marked so you could check your progress. It has never come loose before so I'm not sure why this time it did, I've been running with it since Hayley gave it to me.

I am still astounded that it will return to me so I can count steps again.

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