Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Work, work, work...

The days all seem to run into one another.

It's cold.

It's raining.

I go to work.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Even the weeks seem the same...Work, tennis, work, run, work, run, work tennis, tennis, no work.
Oh yeah I have Friday off!

If this gizmo worked like it promised it would make work a little easier.

Tomorrow I have to give a presentation. A presentation I have given before, that is loaded on my red Nano USB stick. Problem is I cant find it. I've looked in all the usual places & I still haven't located it. I have till 11am to find it or reproduce the presentation. I'm hoping that I can find a copy in a sent email, that should work shouldn't it???? I remember sending a copy of the Powerpoint to someone who had missed the talk about a month ago. I even checked the presentation after being booked for tomorrows session to make sure it didn't need tweaking. Maybe the drive is still in the 'positive affirmation office'. I'll go down & see the counsellor/decorator to see if my Karma is in good standing.

Or don't bother me between 830 & 11.

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