Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today we ventured into the multi cultural world of Sydney Road. To buy jeans. At the best jeans shop in Melbourne.

Hayley had put us onto this little gem of a place. She had bought jeans there before and was very pleased. After she bought hers she put on weight and couldn't wear them but took them to the UK anyway. Which is just as well as she has lost weight in Spain and the jeans fit again! The travelling pants live again.

Nestled among the bridal and bonbonnerie shops in Sydney Rd is a little shop called Dejour Jeans. It is a bit like a little sweat shop with workers on sewing machines altering while you wait. The set up is very basic with shelf upon shelf of denim jeans and nothing else.The deal is that you choose your style - straight or skinny, then choose the waist line - high, med or low rise, in the colour you want. You try them on and the attentive assistants, who all looked very hip and mod, help you with adjustments you need. As it turned out the black, skinny, low rise, size 8 jeans that Erin chose did not need any altering, not even in the length. Have a button stamped on, pay your $50 and you're on your way in about 20 mins. If you need alterations I heard the girls saying come back in 20 minutes. They were really busy and I was tempted to buy a pair myself but Erin probably would've died of embarrassment. I didn't really fit in with the grungy hipster 'too cool for school' crowd. The jeans fit perfectly and are really good quality. We have bought jeans for her before at Cotton On & Factorie but they don't fit her slim frame very well.
While queuing I wondered if any one bought the high waisted variety but then my eyes settled upon not one but two of the assistants wearing high waisted jeans. Apparently if you have a nose piercing and dreadlocks you can pull it off.

As we walked along looking for the number I realised that this little stretch of road was seen in the footage from CCT images of Jill Meagher before she was murdered nearby. A chilling reminder to be careful. Then on the way home we saw serious road rage in action. Erin often says to me to toot someone doing something wrong while driving. I don't, but now maybe she can see why, a little patience even if you are in the right, can avoid this ugliness.

Now the newly fitted girl is coming down with a cold.

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