Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have been enjoying this series on Joanna Goddard's blog about mothering around the world. Her children are young  & I find the parenting talk on her blog is centred around babies &  toddlers but she has some other interesting info also. The latest installment is about mothering in Mexico and it got me to thinking about my trip to Mexico.

Hayley is also keen to go to Mexico with her friend Tess so I sent her the link to get a little insight. They have decided that maybe Mexico is too expensive for them right now and perhaps they'll meet up in Germany instead. Hayley still really wants to go and see the sights & culture for herself.

Hayley suggested I write a blog about my trip to Mexico when I was just 17. After many years I have finally put the photos from that trip into an album & begun to scrap about it. The idea of putting more than just the name & date on those photos is appealing. I would have to really think back hard to remember the feelings & experiences from back then.

I remember being scared most of the time. We went to country areas, climbed pyramids, visited silver & craft markets & even went to a bull fight. I remember being hissed at when being mistaken for an 'Americano'. I was shocked to see insects & guinea pigs for sale as food. I remember being too scared to drink water or have ice in my drink. I remember not being sure about where to go in airports & the acrid smell of stake cigarette smoke inside the planes. I remember being homesick. I remember being amazed at the poverty and contrasts. I never felt safe even though I was in a group of Ranger Guides with 2 adult leaders.

What I don't remember is what we ate. I cant remember eating Mexican food. I know I never ate a single avocado while I was there. It was not until much later in Australia that I grew to love that exotic green fruit.

This musing is just the beginning of telling my Mexico story. I have to study the photos to try & remember the back story, past the date & place labelling, to the details.

I know if I went today I would have a very different experience.

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