Friday, August 9, 2013

Chilly Friday...

I spent the day in chilly Ballarat, where the temperature sat around 7 degrees all day. It was also windy & rainy. I spent the day learning about breasts & breast cancer. It was very informative but also the 5th day in this week of work. Fish & chips for dinner was the easiest option.
We usually phone in our order & pick it up 20 mins later. There are 3 fish & chip shops in town & we like this one the best. We don't have fish & chips very often but the little man who doles out the orders always lights up & says 'ah Meetchellll!' when I walk in. As if I order there a lot. We get this take away about once a month and you would think I was more regular than that. Its a nice touch if you don't get too sensitive about it. My new friend Kerry from tennis is the burger queen down there and I always joke to Chris that Kerry has cooked his dinner for him. She didn't even turn around tonight, they were rushed off their feet. The usual 20 min return took about 45 tonight. Seems everyone had a busy week.

Hayley has been much better posting her photos now she has a Tumbler blog

her comment on this pic was
Every Thursday, loads of market stalls line the streets in Vila-Seca. I bought a head band and some peach heart lollies. Look ma! Scarves!!!

She knows me well

This is just a taste, you can see more for yourself. Unlike other blogs you can't really comment on the photos but as she told me 'you don't have to comment on every photo'.

Hayley had posted this on Facebook in response to my birthday post for her, it had me in tears.

25 years ago you became my mumma, and I couldn't have asked for a better role model growing up. You've always been supportive, caring & patient with me and I can't thank you enough. Thank you for being the best mummy, and for helping me become the coolest person haha. Thanks dad toooooo. It's still my birthday here, and I'm allowed to be somewhat sappy! I love you both xo 

Hayley, queen of the selfie

nice photobombing Cal

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