Friday, August 16, 2013


Today did not turn out how I thought it would...

This morning after cardio tennis Chris reminded me we needed Erin's birth certificate for her ID to get her Learners Permit. I looked in all the usual places with no luck. Then I proceeded to turn the house upside down looking for it. The 2pm appointment time was in the back of my mind the whole time.

I hastily decided to race into the BDM  office in the city to get a replacement copy. I had 2 hours to get there, get the certificate and then get back to Hoppers Crossing for her appointment. Some road works & traffic delays were offset with a meter park just around the corner from Collins St.

Once in the BDM building I took a ticket, number 174. As I filled in the form they called ticket number 150. Erin & I just looked at each other. Was this hair brained scheme going to work? With just 3 staff members working and a crowd of ticket holders I thought we were sunk. But after just 35 minutes we were served and had the certificate in our hands.

We ran back to the car.

I tried not to be inpatient with pedestrians and traffic lights and slow vehicles knowing I had 20 minutes to get make my deadline. We reached the Vic Roads office at 2:12pm. I was pretty happy with that. They were so busy inside they barely noticed we were late.

Erin went in to do the test and I went to get a coffee. Neither of us had had lunch or anything much in the morning. While I had my coffee I tried to calm down after all the racing around to get to that point.

After all that, Erin didn't pass the test.

She only got 69% and was very disappointed that she missed out by just 1%. She said it was nothing like the practice tests she had done and she was baffled by a few of the questions.

At least now I know where her birth certificate is. She probably wont be able to re sit the test until the holidays, today had been an opportunity that wont arise again til then.

Perhaps Chris should have taken her after all.

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