Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The most special birthday...

for the most special girl.

Our Hayley girl.

Who goes by many non de plumes...Hayree, Gayley, Hayley Bayley.

I wanted to post 25 pics of Hayley, one for each year of her life, so here goes.


 Not really in order but as close as I can get.

We love you. You have been such a special girl to me. The baby that made me a mother. I have loved being your mother Hayley and you couldn't have turned out more perfect. Have a great day my love.

Happy birthday also to JohnPaul, Pam, Pam's twin sister and the 10 other people we know who share this birth day. As I have said before just 12 hours later and Hayley could have been born on 8/8/88. But then who knows, if you believe in the destiny of the day of your birth, things could have been a little different.

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