Sunday, August 25, 2013


As August draws to a close we have had another birthday and it was a significant one.

Happy Birthday Lochlan and many happy returns. Our nephew is turning 18 and that means for him he can legally drink alcohol, get a licence and vote for a new Prime Minister in our Federal election in 13 days.

Today Running Buddy was not well enough to run and we have too many days lately that have been a washout so I had to go solo. The big event is just 7 weeks away. I strapped on the iPod and borrowed some headphones and set out. We previously had mapped out a 17k training run with quite a few hills so I attempted this on my own with the running playlist in my ears. The first 10 kms were good but the last section loomed before me like a brick wall. I cut the last 7 to 4k. I need to work on fuelling & hydration pre run. The balance of water and voiding is not yet right. Drink too much and all you can think about is your bladder. Drink too little and the effect is draining. Other runners talk about carbohydrate gels/drinks that you consume during your run. When do you have these? At what point will they help? How much? What type????
I need to have some trials during these longer training runs so I can get over/through this wall I seem to hit at 10-12ks.

And having my partner in running back will also keep me going.

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