Sunday, August 11, 2013

More birthdays...

Happy birthday to Alex, Stephanie & John. More Leo's celebrating milestones. Alex & Steph are turning 25, John hit the big 60.

I didn't have to trawl through the interwebs looking for the perfect cake for John's celebration, his wife Sue found a local girl who is producing the most amazing cakes from home.

She did such an amazing job, it was so life like and perfect. And everything you see is edible. Apparently she hadn't done a fish before and was quite excited by the challenge. It was quite funny when John cut the cake and he went to gut and fillet it (after popping the eye in his mouth). Very apt for the keen fisherman he is.

As part of our training for the half marathon we ran for 17kms this morning. I was wrecked afterwards. I was very hungry and needed a lie down in front of the telly with my coffee. Running Buddy is doing a great job at keeping us on track and won't let me back down when the little voice is telling me to quit. She did let me off on Wednesday when it was bucketing down at run time. I had to miss cardio tennis because of the study day on Friday so want to get back into it this week.

I read an interview with Woody Allen & one of his response was about his diet and keeping healthy.

He is quoted as saying I don't eat enjoyable foods. I eat for my health.

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I felt really sad for him that the foods he eats he sees as unenjoyable but healthy. I run so I can eat what I want. But I have found that I want less of the really bad stuff and have yet to succumb to a radical 'health' regime. Just somewhere in between. I also read somewhere that another fellow runs so he can drink beer.

Good enough reason.

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