Saturday, August 31, 2013


Spring has arrived and shoved Winter out with  a huge push.

This last day of Winter has not been wintry. We've had sunshine and a warm day. I did 4 loads of washing and it was dry in a jiffy. The daffodils have poked their heads through, the grape vine is full of buds and emerging leaves and the trees are full of blossoms. The nice weather should continue for a few days now and I did a rearrange and assessment of the wardrobe this afternoon.  I hope I haven't been too premature at taking out the woolliest of jumpers. I have been browsing Pinterest looking for Spring trends.

Yesterday we did our cardio tennis session in our new 'cardio tops'

Emma was good enough to pose for a pic afterwards when we were all sweaty. I really enjoy these sessions but with all the tennis I've been playing my 'tennis elbow' is paining again. The weird thing about tennis elbow is it doesn't hurt in the elbow but in the forearm muscle.

Its just 3 weeks til the end of term, just 4 weeks left that I can say 'I am in my forties' and 6 weeks til the half marathon. Now that the weather has improved there should be no excuses not to get the training done.

Bring on September!

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