Monday, August 12, 2013


Our friends have just come back from a lovely 6 week tour of UK & Europe. They posted lots of snaps on Facebook while they were away & made comments about how wonderful the food, art, architecture & wine was. They had a great time. Poor Lauren though had become really unwell with a cough towards the end & now she is home has been diagnosed with whooping cough. It will take here some time to recover before she can go back to work. I wonder if continental pertussis is the same as the Australian version.

Chris is also off work with another URTI & is quite unwell. Too much exposure to contained children in the humid environment of a bus. We are all well so he cant blame us, he needs to build up his immunity just like a preschooler going off to school. I hope he hasn't caught pertussis as I need him to go back to work.

We managed to play 2 good sets of tennis before the rain set in again and the wind even settled down to nothing. Now I am sitting here inside in the warm the wind is howling around us again.I cant believe there wasnt any wind while we were playing, the rest of the day had been really dirty.

This is the kind of fun thing Hayley found in Barcelona, a car inside the bar!

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