Saturday, August 17, 2013

More birthdays...

Happy birthday to my almost sister-in-law in Tasmania, Melissa. Mothering 2 children and partnering Chris' brother makes her part of the family without the accompanying officialdom.

Also a shout out to a friends' son, Travis.

I told you August is a popular month.

I went looking for compression socks today and baulked at the $50 price tag. I think I'll keep wearing my full length compression tights on long runs like we have planned for tomorrow. Another 17km run is booked for 'Super Sunday'. The compression is meant to help with blood flow & muscle recovery but I think I'll find them cheaper on the web.

I watched the 2 TV shows tonight I had recorded from Thursday night when I was at tennis. Both were Australian comedies airing on the ABC.

Upper Middle Bogan had a good introductory start and I will continue to watch this one.

And unexpectedly this show 'It's a date' made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. Both on series link on the DVR so I won't miss them.

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