Monday, August 5, 2013

Wash out...

Tennis tonight was rained off during the last game, some of the others had just about finished but we were battling out a hard fought game. I really wanted to finish and to win a few more games off them but we were getting soaked. My competitive side thought that it really mattered but its just tennis, just a game, just some exercise in the week.

Last week was a good exercising week. Swimming, mixed in with 25ks on the road and 3 rounds at tennis made me feel good. I need something to balance out the weight I have put on since enjoying so many home made cappuccinos. Even though I use low fat milk, about half a kg has crept back on which is disappointing when we ran so far last week. Just shows how you cant back off or get too lazy with your diet before your hard work evaporates. Looks like I will be running forever.

And a little wisdom to leave with

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