Thursday, August 8, 2013


I would really liked to have made Hayley a cake for her birthday.

If she had been at home and I had enough time I would have like to try this one.

from here
Pretty eh?

and some more words of wisdom from Pinterest

Whenever I read these positive affirmations, and there are loads and loads of them out there, I always think of the Drug & Alcohol Counselors office at work. I sit in that office to do my work once each fortnight and wish I had a permanent base to my admin work from. The powers that be have found me this space, and yes I can work down there, nobody knows how to find me and I get the odd call relating to the main use of the office. But that's not where I'm going with this, I'm thinking of that office because the wall you face when you sit at the computer is COVERED in positive affirmations, quotes from Masai warriors, poets, authors, Buddhists & Yogi. The Dalai Lama and an indigenous American (used to be called Indians) also have posters & quotes. Dr Phil, Oprah & US Presidents get a gig.It is quite overwhelming & I wonder if it has the desired effect on those needing counselling.

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