Monday, August 19, 2013

News of the day...

We had the NBN installed today. The box bit that goes on the outside of your house. Now all we have to do is have it connected, which I think we can do as soon as we talk to the Telstra people about our plan. Quicker internet will be good. Internet that doesn't drop out in the middle of candy crush games will be even better.

I cleaned and scrapped today. I finished off the 2 school pages that were laying on the desk half finished for the past 3 weeks. They were really bothering me and I got them done and away. I don't love them but they are done.

Tonight we played tennis. We played on even though the temperature gauge showed it was only 5 degrees. It wasn't too windy but it definitely feels like it could snow.

We are tough, determined, bad ass tennis playing mothers.

Hayley is enjoying the longest summer ever before she heads back to a really cold winter in England. She posted loads of photos on facebook and the ones from the firecracker festival are my favourite. Here is a sample if you aren't friends (of the facebook kind) with her.

She has loads of pics there now and lots on her Tumbler blog too.

Enough to keep this mother happy for now.

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